What should I know before my appointment?

We are excited that you have chosen to come to Florida Joint Care Institute for orthopaedic care!
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We are excited that you have chosen to come to Florida Joint Care Institute for orthopaedic care! Knowing what to expect at your appointment and being prepared ahead of time will help you to have the best possible experience here. Your time is valuable and we ask you to respect others as well by completing the check-in process ahead of appointment time. We appreciate your patience while waiting for your appointment as our physicians are very thorough and working through complex patient care in order to achieve the best outcome possible for you.

Before your appointment: Imaging, Tests & Labs

Scans of Knee Bone

One of the most common obstacles you might have before your appointment is having a copy of your imaging, tests, or labs to bring with you. Our office requires that you bring a copy of the imaging and written report any time you have these taken. Many other facilities may tell you that we have portal access to their system or are able to access a copy, but our doctors need their own copy to best serve each individual patient. This is especially crucial in the case where surgery is required. If a patient does not have their imaging or report, they may be required to reschedule their appointment to a later date when they can access that information.

New Patient Registration

Portal Entrance Screenshot
Portal Entrance Screenshot

If you provided an email to our scheduling agent when you made your appointment, you will receive an automated email message with the link to our patient portal. Every patient should either complete our new patient paperwork through their cellphone or on their computer at the website fjci.ema.md before their visit. Anyone who is unable to complete the paperwork this way will have to finish it on one of our tablets in the office before the appointment can begin. This process can take 30 minutes or more depending on a patient’s ability to use our devices and remember all of the information needed. If a patient does not have paperwork completed by their designated appointment time, their appointment may be delayed by up to an hour. It is often helpful for patients to bring a pre-written medication list with them if needed. It is crucial for our office to have the most recent information on file for each patient’s primary care doctor and preferred pharmacy. If either of these become outdated, it can lead to delays in service.

Identification & Insurance

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We require all patients to have a valid government-issued ID and their medical insurance card present at each appointment. It is important to verify each person’s identity to make sure that all insurance claims are filed correctly. Every time you change your secondary insurance policy, you must make sure that the coordination of benefits with the primary insurance is complete.

Account Balances

Pen laying on Calculator

You may have financial obligations at the time of your appointment, such as co-pays, coinsurance, or account balances. Any balance due will be collected before a patient is allowed to see a doctor. If you need assistance with paying your balance, we recommend using Care Credit.

Clothing Recommendations

Pink Gown worn by female patient

Patients should take into account the body part they are being seen for when choosing wardrobe options for the day of appointment. There should be no metal near the area that is being x-rayed. This includes any metal in the waist area for hips and back or shoulder area for shoulders. Sleeveless shirts and tank tops are easiest for shoulder appointments. If you are being seen for a hip problem, please consider wearing a dress, skirt, or any clothes that are easy to disrobe during the appointment. Knee appointments are best in shorts or loose fitting clothes that can easily be moved out of the way.

During your appointment: Reading Vitals

Nurse taking patient weight on scale in doctors office

You may have your height, weight, and blood pressure taken as requested by the medical staff. These vital stats help our team best assist each patient by taking the overall health status into account before recommending treatment options. You may also be required to have x-ray imaging performed to better help the medical staff diagnose and treat you. Even patients who bring x-rays from other facilities may not have all of the views required, or the images may be too far out of date to be useful. Patients who require x-rays for knee or hip problems will be asked to stand while taking those images. A walker can be used for assistance, but patients must be able to lift themselves up, stand for 30 seconds, and be able to transfer between seats under their own power.

Covid Policy

Doctor in gloves and mask reading chart

Masks are not mandatory, but are still encouraged. Please alert our staff if you have symptoms or contact with a Covid positive person in the last 9 days. Our office staff will wear masks in all circumstances when they are in close contact with patients. Each patient is allowed to bring one additional person to help them during their appointment if they are needed.

In Conclusion
We appreciate your attention to detail when coming to your appointment. Following this guide will help us provide the best individualized care to each patient. If you have any other questions before your appointment, you can call us at 727-372-6637.

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