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"Our mission is to provide exceptional orthopaedic care to our community in an efficient and compassionate manner"

About Us

A New Beginning

Florida Joint Care Institute was founded in 2011 by Drs. Henry Hanff, Jennifer Cook, and Stephen Hanff. The facility was built with state of the art capabilities to address the growing needs of our community. The mission is premised on continuing to advance orthopaedic technology locally using evidenced based medicine and clinical practice guidelines. Our surgeons are proud to offer only the best of care while helping patients navigate the plethora of ineffective treatments propagated through the many media platforms.

Our surgeons are local leaders in the paradigm shift in joint replacement. Gone are the days of 4 day hospital stays, ubiquitous use of blood transfusions, and several months of acute recovery. Joint replacement is now routinely performed in less than an hour with modern anesthesia techniques to minimize pain and side effects. Patients walk within hours of surgery and may be discharged home the same day either from an ambulatory surgery center or hospital.

The institute also offers aggressive sports medicine treatments to help get any athlete back in the game. All of our surgeons are proficient arthroscopic surgery specializing in ligament reconstruction and repair. Onsite Physical Therapy was developed to offer the essential complement to any treatment prescribed.

With the addition of Dr. Donovan in 2014 and Dr. Mates in 2016, we now offer comprehensive services including hand and upper extremity as well as foot and ankle subspecialty care. Novel techniques have been developed by our surgeons to maximize treatments benefits, accelerate recovery and minimize complications. Visit our Services and our Surgeons tab to learn more.

As healthcare continues to evolve, let our surgeons help you identify the best road to recovery. All patients are given an initial consultation with a surgeon so an appropriate diagnosis can be made through a thorough history and physical while reviewing any and all diagnostic imaging available. Restoring healthy and active lifestyles is our goal for you.